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Scalability and High-Availability

Highlights of the inClick Ad Server

  • Proudly built in the USA.
  • Designed to scale, the inClick Ad Server can handle the demands of your deployment, large or small. From a couple million ads a day on a single server deployment, to billions of ads per month in a server farm, the inClick Ad Server performs.
  • Advanced processes and algorithms, the inContext Engine, automatically match advertisements to page content.
  • Proactive invalid click prevention through our exclusive Click Definition Service
  • Available Application Programming Interface (API) for integration into existing applications.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use user interface makes it simple for advertisers, publishers, and network operators.

The Challenge: Processing Billions of Daily Impressions / Clicks

The ability to serve, track, and report on over a billion served ads on a daily basis is not quite as ease as using a "stronger", "bigger", or "cloud" based web service as some may think. Frankly, it's just not that easy as some of our competitors may claim. In order handle any degree of scale on an ongoing basis, you must carefully plan your deployment on a foundation that has been built, designed, and tested to efficiently and easily grow when you need it, and do it cost-effectively.

The Solution: A Modular System Architecture

The inClick Ad Server has been skillfully designed to handle the real-world abuse of delivering and reporting on billions of actions a day. Through a method called Horizontal Scaling, the inClick Ad Server accomplishes the tasks of high volume ad-delivery, fast reporting, high availability, and consistent system stability by utilizing a set of servers; each employed to perform specific tasks. This distributed deployment model gives you the ability to start small today while future-proofing for tomorrow. The following deployment configuration diagram is a real-world example of how you can utilize multiple servers, a small farm, with each server assigned its own specific set of tasks:

One Deployment, +3 Billion Impressions and Clicks Every Day

A real-world deployment using our scalable framework currently delivers and reports on over three (3) billion impressions, over 15 million clicks, and processes over 3TB of data daily (yes, we said daily). This single deployment responds to more than 15,000 requests for advertisements every second with a consistent average response time of under 60ms. Through our efficient data handling and processing methods, the operational cost of this deployment is under $0.0004 CPM.

NOTE: The above diagram and example does not represent a hard limit of the inClick Ad Server. The diagram and deployment use-case example is intended to provide an overview of how the underlying software architecture is modeled for growth, scalability, and stability.

Distributed Ad Delivery Mechanism

Designed for low latency and high availability, the inClick Ad Server natively supports the ability to geographically disperse the advertisement delivery segment. In the above diagram, note the set of servers sitting within the "Delivery Cluster" boundary. By deploying clusters in multiple locations and/or data centers, the inClick Ad Server allows you to serve ads from a Delivery Cluster that's in close proximity to viewers lowering response time ultimately increasing performance of the network.

Extensible Delivery Engine

Through our modular system architecture, the inClick Ad Server is not only scalable, but flexible enough to fit your specific requirements. From split database connections, to a segmented file system model, your growth has been considered. Each facet of the platform can be separated from the core system based on your requirements. A simple example: our advertisement delivery engine can be "swapped out" for your own delivery engine allow you to add your own secret sauce or delivery model!

Have more questions about scaling?

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