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Deployment - Ads For Search

Highlights of the inClick Ad Server

  • Proudly built in the USA.
  • Designed to scale, the inClick Ad Server can handle the demands of your deployment, large or small. From a couple million ads a day on a single server deployment, to billions of ads per month in a server farm, the inClick Ad Server performs.
  • Advanced processes and algorithms, the inContext Engine, automatically match advertisements to page content.
  • Proactive invalid click prevention through our exclusive Click Definition Service
  • Available Application Programming Interface (API) for integration into existing applications.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use user interface makes it simple for advertisers, publishers, and network operators.

The Search Engine

Search engine integration is a natural and logical fit for the inClick Ad Server. The issues many face with common over-the-counter search engine packages is the lack of a robust monetization mechanism. The typical search engine is focused on providing logical native results to the end users search request. Because this focus is on relevancy to native results, the typical built-in advertising mechanism tends to be limited to a small feature set. Other common search engine challenges include:

  • Providing an intuitive user interface for advertisers.
  • The lack of a proxy-style keyword bid management mechanism.
  • The lack of boundaries around keywords.
  • Missing the ability to charge or set a premium for select placement.
  • Ability to allow other search engines to use your paid results.
  • Problematic invalid click detection.
  • The inability to target ad delivery to select geographical regions.

Using inClick for Search

When you integrate the inClick Ad Server into search results, you can begin monetizing in more ways than ever before. By integrating the inClick Ad Server into your search results, you can:

  • Provide an easy to understand ad creation workflow for your advertisers. Try it here.
  • Support for proxy-style bidding. Your advertiser will enjoy the value in the fact that costs are now automatically controlled. For example, three ads are competing for a keyword using the proxy-bid method. The maximum bid for each ad is $1.00, $0.50, and $0.40. The proxy-bidding process would adjust the Cost-per-Click values to $0.51, $0.50, $0.40 - the number one position is adjusted to one cent over the #2 position.
  • Support for specific keyword matching. Your advertisers can narrow their keyword matches to Exact Match, Phrase Match, Broad Match, and Negative Match. For example, an ad with a negative match entry of "computer patch" would make sure your "embroidered patch" advertisement isn't shown to the wrong people.
  • Dividing your search results page to different areas, or channels, to add value. For example, ads that appear above the native results could have a higher starting bid than those along the rail (side) and bottom. (View a live search deployment)
  • Expand your reach to include affiliated search partners. Using the included Publisher Interface, you can expand your network. You determine their commission rate, and the ad server calculates the rest.

Still have questions? Ask us!

Our goal is to make sure your deployment of the inClick Ad Server is successful. If you are not sure your business model will work with the inClick Ad Server, give us a call! We'll be more than happy to answer your questions and see if the inClick Ad Server is the right solution for you.