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The inClick Concepts

Highlights of the inClick Ad Server

  • Proudly built in the USA.
  • Designed to scale, the inClick Ad Server can handle the demands of your deployment, large or small. From a couple million ads a day on a single server deployment, to billions of ads per month in a server farm, the inClick Ad Server performs.
  • Advanced processes and algorithms, the inContext Engine, automatically match advertisements to page content.
  • Proactive invalid click prevention through our exclusive Click Definition Service
  • Available Application Programming Interface (API) for integration into existing applications.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use user interface makes it simple for advertisers, publishers, and network operators.

The Ad System

The inClick Ad Server has been designed to simplify the process of selling advertising through an easy-to-use self-service platform. The platform is based on a number of "concepts" designed to help you manage the entire advertising sales cycle.

Concept: The Network Operator

The Network Operator is the person or company that is running the inClick Ad server. The Network Operator is responsible for the management of the advertising system, it's deployment, and the day-to-day operations of approving advertisements, advertisers, publishers. The Network Operator is considered the System Administrator.

Concept: Publisher

Publishers represent website owners that use the inClick Ad Server to show ads on their sites in exchange for a commission. The Network Operator sets the commission they earn. As a publisher, you select the channel for the ad code you place on your site. This channel (described below) will help the Network Operator and Advertisers set advertisement placement.

Concept: Advertiser

Advertisers represent the owners of the advertising campaigns. Advertisers create advertisements within the inClick Ad Server by providing information for each campaign. Advertisers will typically select the Channels in which their ad is to be displayed along with any associated keywords. Depending on the system configuration, advertisers can also select targeted DMA regions as well as target countries for ad delivery.

Concept: Channels

Channels represent segments in the advertising network. Channels are created by the Network Operator and can be used to segment the inClick Ad Server into separate content channels. For example, a pet related content network has used the channels to segment their network to various pet types: Dog, Cat, Aquarium, Birds, etc. Another usage is for a search engine: "Ads for Search" and "Ads for Content".

Concept: The Campaign

Campaigns are the advertisements created by the Advertiser. Each campaign includes settings to limit costs, delivery flight dates, country targeting, and other parameters.

Campaigns can only be created and owned by an advertiser.

Concept: Keywords

Keywords are used to match campaigns to both search and content requests for advertisements. Provided by the advertiser for each campaign, keywords can be matched based on the following criteria: Exact Match, Phrase Match, Broad Match, as well as Negative variations of each.

When integrated into a search environment, advertisements can be delivered based on matching the provided search term. This method is commonly referred to as "Ads for Search".

In the content matched delivery mechanism, the inClick Ad Server will scan the content of the page to determine matching keywords and phrases in the currently active advertiser base. This method is commonly referred to as "Ads for Content".

Concept: Contextual Ad Match

The inClick Ad Server provides a mechanism that matches page content to advertisements currently available in your inventory. For example, if a page is about "baseball cards", the inClick Ad Server could deliver advertising related to baseball. This feature is called inContext, our contextual ad-matching engine.

Concept: The Ad Delivery Auction

At the heart of the inClick Ad Server is the advertisement delivery engine. Designed to be fast and efficient, the delivery engine produces the right results at the right cost to your advertisers.

In order to deliver your advertisers campaigns correctly, campaign inventory is sorted and filtered based on geographical targeting, channel selection, keyword / phrase match, maximum bid amount, account status, content match (optional), and Designated Market Area (optional). After sorting and filtering is complete, the results are then placed into the auction engine to determine the final the cost-per-click to the advertiser.

This entire process occurs in real-time and takes less than a tenth of a second to complete!

Concept: Private or White Labeled

White Labeling, or Private Labeling, is the ability for you to Brand the ad server to make it appear as if you made it. By allowing the ad server to be White Labeled with your brand, the possibility of your advertisers or publishers coming to us to create their own network, or potentially your competition, is significantly reduced. Our goal, after all, is your success.

Concept: Performance Lease

While the inClick Ad Server is available in the typical one-time cost model, many ventures can better apply their operating cash in something other than in technology improvements. Users that take advantage of our Performance Lease option enjoy the reduced up-front costs typically associated with a purchase of an Enterprise Grade software package.

Reducing your investment risk, that is what you gain with Performance Lease. Since the Performance Lease is calculated on the credits posted to advertiser accounts, your financial risk is significantly reduced. For more information about our Performance Lease, or our other financing options, please feel free to contact us at (888)844-3035 or +1-248-581-8787.

How can the inClick Ad Server help you?

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