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Ad Server Demo

What better way to confirm if a piece of software is right for you than to try it out first hand? We could have provided some screen shots to give you an idea of what inClick can do, but that really wouldn't provide you with the full picture. Why not get your hands on the inClick Ad Server for yourself? Do it right here, right now.

Here's the summary: The system is divided into three user segments. These segments relate to the type of user accessing the system. These user types are Advertisers, Publishers, and the almighty Administrator. Find more information about the inClick "Concepts" here.

The Guided Tour

Would you like to a guided walk-through of the system by a real person? Click Here to schedule a time for an interactive web cast or feel free to browse our demonstration system below. Don't need a guided tour of the system? Just click on the Start Demo buttons instead.

Advertiser Demo

The Advertiser Demonstration Account will walk you through the new-user experience of ad creation. To make this demonstration more realistic, you may enter any 16-digit number as a test credit card number at the funding portion of the demo.

Publisher Demo

The Publisher Demonstration Account will allow you to experience the HTML code generation process. In addition to generating HTML code fragments, you will have access to reports associated with this publishers account.