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Yield Optimized Ad Delivery

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The Challenge: Delivering Ads For Optimum Yield

Cost-per-Click in a Fixed Cost Model.
Through the fixed cost-per-click model, all advertisers are placed into a level playing field with the ad server simply rotating ads across the available advertisers.

Cost-per-Click in a Bidding Model.
Using a cost-per-click bidding model allows advertisers to provide the maximum amount they are willing to pay per-click. In many instances, this per-click cost is associated to a keyword or channel (zone).

In both of the above models, the network operator need to continually manage, optimize, and redefine the service offering in order to adjust to market demands. In the case of the Fixed Cost model, a continual review of the networks analytics is required to determine if you are over or under pricing your service. While the bidding model allows for advertisers to bid-for-placement and automatically adjust costs on demand, poorly written advertisements can easily command the prime positions with a high bid amount and a low click-through rate.

The Solution: Yield Optimized Advertisement Delivery

To deliver qualified advertisement(s) for a given request, the inClick Ad Server applies a proprietary Yield Optimization Algorithm to determine the appropriate rank and cost for each advertisement. Far more than a simplistic review of historical click-through rates, our proprietary algorithm considers factors such as relevancy, targeting match, keyword match type, qualified filter criteria, historical earnings, current bid amount, and more to determine what advertisement is qualified to be shown, where (rank), and what it should be billed.

The result: Increased revenue for you and your publishers along with increased performance of your advertisers efforts.

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