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Contextual Ad Matching with inContext

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The Challenge: Delivering the Right Advertisement

Your typical ad server delivers advertisements based on pre-selected filters such as Geographical Targeting, Content Channel Matching, Keyword Matching, and/or Date Scheduling.  While these filters are needed and considered a norm, advertisers want, and need, more targeting control.

The Solution: Automated Ad Matching with inContext

What differentiates the inClick Ad Server from the simple keyword targeting methods typically found in other ad server products available today is inContext.  With inContext, your publishers no longer have to manually specify relevant keywords for each page that include ads. Instead, inContext finds relevant keywords from the page content, matches those keywords to the available ads, and then deliver the matching ads.  Combining inContext with content channels, geographical targeting, and scheduling, your advertisers will enjoy an increased volume of conversions.  For you, the network operator, this means a returning customer translating to increased revenue.

Simply put, inContext will automatically target relevant ads on publisher pages.

The Result: True Return on Investment (ROI) for Your Advertisers!

In today's demanding on-line marketing efforts, advertising relevance has become one of the most important factors for both the advertiser and the publisher.  Advertisers can experience increased traffic from interested, motivated, and highly targeted, visitors, while publishers can enjoy an increase in advertising revenue thanks to the higher click-through rate.

How can the inClick Ad Server help you?

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