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Comprehensive Feature List

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System stability, scalability, security, we have your success in mind. If you don't see a feature you need below, ask us about it! We may already have it, or it's coming soon.

General System Features

  • Proudly built in the USA
  • Private Label / White Label licensing allows the installation of the inClick Ad Server on your own server and domain name with no "Powered by inClick" notices or return links.
  • Intelligent bid-for-placement through a real-time proxy-bid auction -or- standard fixed-cost methods.
  • Yield optimized delivery optimization.
  • Content based ad matching - dynamically match advertisements to page content.
  • Efficient indexing engine (the inContext spider).
  • CSS based layout for easy customization.
  • User configurable header and footer HTML files.
  • Pluggable Content System - Allows you to insert your own content pages with the user interface.
  • Account username, ID, and account type available via PHP session for custom page header and footer handling.  Session handling can also be used for external page controls.
  • Advanced custom login procedures for logins from external pages.
  • Efficient and scalable advertisement delivery platform that can handle millions of impressions and clicks per-day on a single server and billions per-day on a multi-server scaled deployment.
  • Advanced form processing handler avoids browser repost issues.
  • Segregation of data and code to ensure ease of maintenance.
  • Scalable architecture for growth to a multi-server scaled deployment.
  • System configuration as a standalone ad server for a single site or as a centralized ad server managing multiple sites.
  • System configuration as a search and content based advertising network, often targeted towards a vertical or niche market.
  • Native support for text based, photo-text based, and image based (banner) creative types.
  • Extended customizable support for any creative type.

Administration Features

  • Web based user interface requires no special software to manage the system, just a modern web browser.
  • Flexible configuration options provide for hundreds of various configurations to make your deployment unique.
  • Simple Maintenance - inClick automatically places ads in and out of service based on various pre-defined triggers.
  • Built in monitoring through easy to read monitoring reports.
  • Search for Advertiser Tool - by name, email address, or company name.
  • Advertiser Account Management Tools
    -Suspend ads
    -Manage account information
    -Take credit card payments
    -Post credits and debits.
  • Search for Publisher Tool - by name, email address, or company name.
  • Publisher Account Management Tools
    -Approve / Decline / Suspend accounts
    -Post credits for bonuses
    -Payment options
  • Per-publisher commission rate.
  • Powerful Switch-User mechanism allows you to log into any account from the Administrator Login.
  • View Active campaigns by channel or all at once.
  • View Pending campaigns - advertisements waiting for approval by you.
  • Content Channels - Segmentation feature to divide your deployment by content type, placement, or other classification.  This allows advertisers to bid within specific segments.
  • Content channel visibility control - Configuration of each content channel can be hidden from advertisers, publishers, or both. 
  • Content channel selection control - Force hidden channel(s) to be automatically included into each ad created.
  • Content channel exclusivity control - Advertisers cannot combine more than one channel if a channel has been marked as an exclusive channel.
  • Country Targeting Management - Allow your advertisers to reach specific countries you select.
  • Extensive Administrator Reports
    -Server Status Report - summary of the health of the ad server.
    -Daily Performance Reports
    -Advertiser Performance Reports
    -Advertiser Billing Report
    -Account Balance Report
    -Publisher Payment Report
    -Publisher SubID Report
    -Location Report
    -Mobile Carrier and Device Report
    -Click Log Report - capture of referrer, source of click, and other valuable data.
    -Conversion Log Report
  • Ad configuration rules to limit the number of characters allowed.
  • Keyword and phrase match adjustable algorithm allows you to adjust the percent-of-match in both advertiser provided keyword to provided keyword as well as provided keyword to advertiser provided keyword.
  • Ability to classify Advertiser Accounts as Pre-Paid (default), Check / Certified Funds, or Finance Managed accounts.

Advertiser Features

  • Self-service account creation.
  • Pre-fund account to start advertising.
  • Ad creation before account creation increases conversion due to initial emotional investment.
  • Intuitive web-based self-service user interface allows for easy self-management reducing administrative overhead costs.
  • Advertisement creation self-service allows advertisers to create their own advertising in just a few minutes.
  • Advertisement verification of required fields and field lengths significantly reduces user input errors.
  • Targeting of advertising via content channels
  • Targeting of advertising by geographical location by country via the viewers IP address.
  • Targeting of advertising by region targeting via provided region code. Typically a DMA code and US State.
  • Day of Week targeting
  • Time of Day targeting (day parting)
  • Day of Week targeting
  • Three network customizable targeting parameters. For example: Age, Sex, Income, etc.
  • Targeting of advertising via keywords and phrases
  • Extensive keyword support - Exact, phrase, broad, and negative matching supported.
  • True broad-match support - A fuzzy logic that understands broad matches through the entire provided phrase based on the current percent-of-match settings, regardless of the order of words in the phrase.
  • Suggested bid amount tool provides the ideal bid amount for the given advertisement.
  • Daily budget capping per campaign.
  • Start and Stop dates per campaign.
  • Ability to pause advertisements on demand.
  • Automatic funding to allow ongoing advertising.
  • Advertisements automatically pause when funding or budgets are met.
  • Detailed Keyword Reports provides keyword and phrase activity, average position, billed clicks, Click Through Rate (CTR), and more within a provided date range.
  • Daily Activity Report for campaign activity by date within a date range.
  • Campaign Report provides a quick summary view of activity of all campaigns by date range, campaign, campaign status, or active content channels.
  • Billing Report provides details of billable activity by campaign and date within a provided date range.
  • Notification by email of low account funding.
  • Notification by email of exhausted account funding.
  • Notification by email of Automatic Funding activity.
  • Notification by email of Declined advertisement.
  • Notification by email of Approved advertisement.
  • Ability to add funds through PayPal (Standard payment process)
  • Ability to add funds through PayPal Website Payment Pro (Payment Gateway API)
  • Ability to add funds through BluePay (Payment Gateway API)
  • Ability to add funds through (Payment Gateway API)
  • Ability to add funds through CyberSource (Payment Gateway API)
  • Ability to add funds through 2CheckOut (punch-out method)
  • Ability to add funds by Mail / Postal (punch-out method)
  • Ability to add funds by Wire Transfer
  • CSV download for all generated reports.
  • Ability to change account profile and password information.
  • IP Blocklist Support - Block IP addresses from being served by campaign

Publisher Features

  • Self-Service account creation.
  • CAPTCHA Turing verification for new accounts.
  • Easy to use web-based user-interface.
  • Ad Code Wizard for easy generation of standardized ad blocks.
  • Simple copy and paste html code fragments.
  • JavaScript to IFRAME IAB ad rendering for reduce load times of subject page.
  • Automatic advertisement matching to page content via inContext Contextual Engine.
  • XML feed for integration into cross-platform applications and web servers.
  • JSON feed for advanced integration.
  • Ability to create Publisher Channels for improved reporting and refinement.
  • Publisher Channels by specified identifier or regular expression match of the URL.
  • Revenue Summary Report by aggregate data and date range.
  • Revenue Summary Report by Publisher Channels and Date Range provides a more granular report as to the number of requests by the ad block, the number of ads shown, CTR by the ad block, CTR by ads shown, as well as earnings within the provided date range.
  • Transaction History Report to view earnings by day within the provided date range.
  • Ability to change account profile and password information.
  • Stored Ad Code model
  • Sub-ID Reporting
  • Customizable Channel/Segment Reporting

Reporting Features

  • Export any report into a comma-separated format (CSV) for external processing.
  • Reports can be sorted by date range and other report specific criteria.
  • Exclusive data storage handlers provide fast reporting regardless of dataset size.

Security Features

  • Extensive XSS filtering
  • Extensive SQL injection filtering.
  • Click Definition Service - Updated hourly, our exclusive Click Definition Service provides a proactive defense mechanism to help defend against click-fraud and validate clicks.
  • Multi-layered invalid-click detection algorithms in addition to the Click Definition Service.
  • Adometry Block List Support
  • Split database connections for multi-server configurations and security.
  • Response limited account login to prevent login attacks on an account.
  • Automatic account locking after a preset number of failed attempts in a row.
  • Advanced password reset workflow sends temporary password that must be changed on the next login.
  • Secure password storage via one-way encryption.
  • PCI DSS Compliant credit card storage - encryption and remote storage.  Raw credit card information is never made visible after entry.

Application Programming Interface (API) Features

  • JSON RPC protocol used for client/server communication allowing access via PHP, JavaScript, Java, etc.
  • Account creation and status management.
  • Campaign creation and status management.
  • Admin report generation.
  • Advertiser reports generation.
  • Publisher reports generation.
  • API Access restrictions to clients with pre-defined shared keys to prevent unauthorized access.
  • All communications via the API can be encrypted using an HTTPS connection.

Platform Requirements

  • Operating System: Linux, FreeBSD, Unix, Windows.
  • Database Server: MySQL 5.0 or higher
  • Web Server: Apache 2 or higher
  • PHP Version 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, or 5.4 with cURL or SSL support, and MCrypt support
  • Zend Optimizer or Zend Guard Loader
  • Ability to set a Cron Tab or Scheduled Process

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