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  • Introducing the inClick Cloud Server
    You have better things to do with your time. Leave installation, hardware,
    software, dependencies, and environment management to us while you
    focus on what you do best. With an inClick Cloud Server, you get:
          » Optimized Ad Serving Infrastructure
          » Automated Hardware and Software Maintenance
          » Platform Upgrades
          » Flexible Cost Options
          » Instant Order Processing
          » No Long-Term Contracts
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  • Send Traffic-Bots Packing
    Traffic-fraud can put any advertising network on the fast-track to failure. Because
    fraudsters are always looking for a way to make a fast buck, the tactics they employ
    are constantly changing. We go beyond the typical invalid-click filtration methods
    with our exclusive Traffic Definition Service. This anti-virus like service analyzes
    and compares every click event, and impression event, against an ever growing
    database of emerging threats to your ad networks integrity. Today, as of right now,
    over 500,000 threats exist in our database.

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  • Your Growth is Planned
    From a few million, to billions of impressions and clicks daily,
    our modular architecture has your growth planned. Only the inClick
    Ad Server efficiently scales when you need it. Start today on Cloud
    Standard, expand to a scaled clustered Cloud Enterprise deployment
    responding to billions of ads daily tomorrow.
          » Modular architecture for incremental growth.
          » Horizontal Scaling built-in.
          » Support for thousands of queries per-second.
          » Low Total-Cost-of-Operation.
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  • Built and Supported in America
    Since day one, the inClick Ad Server has been, and continues to be,
    proudly designed, engineered, and supported in America. By eliminating
    language and cultural barriers, you are assured the best quality product
    with an unparalleled level of support.

          » We're 100% Owned and Operated in the USA.
          » In-house sales, engineering, and support.
  • The inClick Ad Server - Enterprise Ad Server
    The only ad serving platform specifically designed
    to grow with your business.
       » Low startup costs (free)
       » Simple self-service interface
       » Distributed architecture
       » Run on your own server(s)
       » Low Total Cost of Ownership
       » No minimum contracts
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  • The End of Low-Yield Position Squatting
    Stop Position Squatters with our exclusive Yield Optimized Advertisement Delivery Engine.
    By considering key factors such as match type, historical performance, network
    performance, and more, the inClick Ad Server dynamically adjusts
    placement and costs by delivering on the best combination of yield and
    relevance. With the inClick Ad Server, you can:
          » Increase publisher satisfaction
          » Improve advertiser ROI
          » Raise your bottom line
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Low Latency, High Scalability

Capable of responding to billions targeted impressions and clicks in less than 60ms.

Advanced Keyword Support

Supporting all types of keyword matching: Exact Match, Broad Match, Phrase Match, and Negative Match.

Click Definition Service

An inClick exclusive! Proactive Click Fraud detection and protection for your network!

Get Started Fast!

Start an inClick Cloud Server in less than an hour. Near instant provisioning, ready to use in just minutes.