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Does inClick support languages other than US English or currencies other than US Dollars?
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Translating the User Interface
The current platform does not itself support being translated, however, a workaround method is available. Through this workaround method, you can translate the platform to any language. For more information and instructions, please open a support ticket.

Advertisement Delivery
With regard to delivering ads in other languages, the delivery engine supports Unicode (UTF-8) and can represent any character in the Unicode standard, essentially all languages.

Keywords, Phrases, and Contextual Ad Matching
The ad server fully supports Unicode within the ad creation and delivery process. Additionally, the inContext engine (cotnextual spider) also supports UTF-8 for matching results.

Currency Support
The factory system supports US Dollars. If you require the use of a different currency, please contact sales to be contacted when your currency is officially supported.

For more information, please Contact Us.

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