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Can I use my 2Checkout account with inClick?
Article ID: #000083

Yes. You can use your 2CO account with the inClick Ad Server. 2CO Version 2 is supported. Version 1 is no longer supported.

To have 2CO update your advertisers accounts, you will need to make these modifications to your 2CO account:

1. Log into your 2CO Version 2 account.
2. Go to Helpful Links > Look & Feel - Settings
3. Change the setting for "Return URL" to Yes. If you set this to No, the end user will need to click a button to update their account.
4. Change the Approved and Pending URL to:
5. Update your Secret Word and remember this as it is needed in your inClick Ad Server installation.
6. In you inClick Ad Server installation, add your SID (Vendor ID) and Secret Word to your Admin Login > Configuration > System Setup > Accepted Payment Methods > 2CO User ID

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Updated: 5/15/2007

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