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What is the Performance Lease? Can I just pay for it and go?
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The inClick Download product has been discontinued as of January 1, 2015.
The following information only applies to existing self-hosted deployments and does not apply to inClick Cloud users.

This is the most frequently asked question regarding our product, why would someone use our Performance Lease over an outright purchase?

The answer is quite simple, actually. It's all about up-front costs.

Before touching on the Performance Lease, it is important to understand that the inClick Ad Server is not some ho-hum inexpensive script, but a robust enterprise-grade ad management platform.  Don't take our word for it, perform your own side-by-side tests. You'll find that the inClick Ad Server not only has an unmatched level of performance and stability when put under real-world pressure, but will also yield higher revenue for you (some users have reported three times more), your advertisers, and your publishers.

What is the Performance Lease?
The Performance Lease is a financial arrangement between you (the lessee) and us (the lessor). As a lessee, you are provided the inClick Ad Server to run on your own web server. Just like an automotive lease where you drive the car and do with as it were your own. With the Performance Lease, however, your lease payment is calculated using sliding percentage based on the total advertiser credits posted into your ad server each month. Comparatively speaking, it is like leasing a car and only paying for the miles you use with the more you drive the less it costs - now wouldn't that be nice!

Performance Lease Schedule (US Dollars)
Monthly Advertiser
Transaction Volume (Credits)
Performance Lease Rate
$150000.00 and higher

NOTE:  This FAQ article pertains only to the inClick Download product.  inClick Cloud Servers do not participate in the Performance Lease program.

Really? Why would I lease when I can purchase a competitors ad server for less than $500?
When you compare the inClick Ad Server to any of the inexpensive (and even expensive) ad serving sytems / scripts / platforms available, you'll see differences that are quite significant. One prime example: efficiency of the platform. To deliver 1 million impressions a day on a competing platform of a cost of around $500 requires you use a dedicated server. With the inClick Ad Server, the same capacity can be achieved on an inexpensive shared hosting plan, about $10-20.  When you consider the avarage dedicated server costs run around $250 per month, you'll see an estimated operational savings of well over $2700 a year ($18,000 in revenue). If you are planning on delivering billions of ads a month (or plan to down the road), the inClick Ad Server will scale based on your requirements. Can the other guys do that? Go ahead, ask them! Need more reasons to choose inClick? Give us a call or drop us an email.

Can I just pay for it and be on my way?
Absolutely! We offer two Enterprise Licenses, Enterprise Standard and Enterprise Source, for those that require a dedicated support representative, a dedicated engineer, product training, or those that do not wish to finance the product via our Performance Lease Option. If you anticipate or are currently generating over $100,000 in monthly ad sales, our Enterprise License option may be the right option for you.

Benefits of the Performance Lease:
  • Less capital-intensive than purchasing. If your business has constraints on its working capital, you can grow more rapidly by utilizing our Performance Lease program. Wouldn't capital be better spent on marketing your efforts?
  • Shift risk. Through the Performance Lease, your financial risk is mitigated.
  • Lease payments are considered business expenses and may lower your taxes.
  • Ongoing upgrades and support. Never get stuck on an outdated version. By utilizing the Performance Lease, you are entitled to upgrades as they are released.
  • No minimum terms. Our performance lease has no minimum requirements or minimum charges. If you have no activity in a given period, you are not charged.
While, yes, this is a rather different approach to financing a product, we feel it is the most cost effective way to obtain an enterprise grade software package (not a small script) without the associated enterprise-like costs.

Have a question about our Performance Lease and other financial options? Ask us, we're here to help.

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