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General Settings - Proxy-bidding or Fixed Bid
Article ID: #000017

If set to Proxy Bidding, the system will perform a mini-auction for every group of ads delivered (per query). For example, if three ads are pulled from the server with CPC rates of $0.50, $0.40, and $0.35, the auction system will deliver results as $0.41, $0.40, and $0.35 respectively assuming each ad is performing relatively the same.

If FIXED CPC is selected, bid-for-placement still applies, however, the rate set by the advertiser is the price paid per click. Using the same example above of three advertisers at $0.50, $0.40, and $0.35. For the $0.35 advertiser to be number one, he will need to adjust his CPC amount at least one cent above the number one position, $0.51. If he sets this amount to $.60, he will be charged at the provided CPC amount per click - $0.60.

In both configurations, the Yield Optimized Delivery Engine will arrange rank based on historical data, match type, and relevancy. In the case of Proxy Bidding, the Yield Optimized Delivery Engine may also adjusted the delivered cost-per-click value higher or lower based on historical performance data, match type, and relevancy.

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