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General Settings - Low Funding Threshold
Article ID: #000016

This is the dollar amount threshold where an advertiser will receive an email message from the system that they are about to run out of funding.

Once an advertisers account balance falls below this setting, the system will send a message similar to this:


Great news! Your ||NETWORK NAME SHORT|| listings have generated many clickthroughs to your site! As a result of this traffic, we estimate that you will exhaust your deposit in the next few days.

As of ||DATE AND TIME||, your account balance for account ||ACCOUNT NUMBER|| was $ 3.35. In order to continue sending traffic to your site, you are required to make a payment to cover future clickthroughs to your site. You can continue to have your ads delivered on our network uninterrupted by adding funds to your account now.

You can add funds at ||ADS BY URL||

We want to continue promoting your site and hope to hear from you soon.


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