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How do I pay publishers?
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The system is designed to pay publishers on a monthly basis. Thus, earnings in the current month cannot be marked as cleared (Ready for Payment) until the month has passed.

Once the month has passed, you can clear earnings for the previous month(s). To do this, go to Reports > Publisher Payment to view the Publisher Payment Report.

The work flow to pay a Publisher:
1. The ad server creates an entry for each days earnings. These earnings are entered into the ad server in a "Pending" state. This means that you have not approved it for payment. The first step is to approve the "Pending" transactions by marking them "Cleared". Transactions marked as "Cleared" are marked as such to the Publisher in their reports and indicate that the payment is now ready for payment.
2. Once cleared, the transaction(s) is ready for payment. This is Step 2 of the Pay Publisher work flow. Select the transactions you wish to pay then proceed to Step 3, Completing the Payment.
3. Completing the payment is just that. It is here where you will the information regarding the payment. If you are using PayPal, you can click on the PayPal button to pay the Publisher.

NOTE: YOU MUST RETURN TO THIS PAGE TO ENTER THE PAYMENT INFORMATION and click on the Complete Payment button or else the transaction HAS NOT BEEN PAID.

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