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How can I increase overall system performance?
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The inClick Ad Server is typically ready-to-run just after completing the installation process. However, there are a few tweaks that can significantly improve overall performance and reliability for some installations. These modifications are not included or active in the base configuration due to fact that not all web servers are configured the same. Not all enhancements can apply to your installation.
  • Enable INNODB for the following MySQL inClick tables:
  • Execution of the maintenance routine from the command line instead of from wget or similar. 
    Using the PHP command line for your maintenance routine is far more reliable than using wget or similar methods.  If you are experiencing issues with your process_manager not completing, this single change could eliminate that issue.
  • Do not run the ad server where PHP is configured as a CGI.  The CGI version of PHP is known to utilize more resources than the Apache module counterpart.  This may not be noticeable during the early stages of your installation and deployment, however, as traffic begins to increase, you may notice performance issues at peak traffic times.
  • Increasing system memory will improve overall performance. 
  • Allow HEAP usage for MySQL
  • Turn on / enable Query Caching for MySQL 4 and higher.
  • Install eAccelerator, a PHP caching utility. (more information)
  • Horizontally scale to more than one server.
Keywords: improve system performance, improve speed

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