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I donít think inContext, the contextual engine, ad matching is working.
Article ID: #000129

inContext will perform its initial scan of the page within the first hour of the first IAB ad delivered on the page. This scan will match advertisers to the page based on the keywords and phrases provided by your advertisers. If no matches are available, run of channel ads will appear and the page will be re-scanned and re-optimized in 34 hours.

It is important to note that inContext is not a real-time process. If you create ads now, they may not appear on the page you expect for up to 34 hours, the time of the next scan and optimize process.

Another possible reason for this is a possible permissions issue for the /data/generated directory and contents. Please be sure this directory and files have full read, write, execute (CHMOD 777) permissions.

NOTICE: House account ads that have keywords are not used as part of the indexing process.

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