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My publishers are saying the channel reports are showing more data than the Revenue Summary report. Is the report defective?
Article ID: #000128

It is important to note that when your publisher is viewing their Publisher Channel reports, they may be viewing impressions and clicks that have been tracked on multiple channels. This can happen if any or all of the following conditions occur:
  • Multiple URL channels match
    Impressions and clicks on a URL Channel for domain will also be tracked on a URL channel for If you receive a click on, that same click will also be tracked on the URL channel for This will appear as two clicks in your channel reports, but only one in the summary report.
  • Ads are tracked by both URL and a Custom Channel
    If your publisher is using Custom Channels on a page that is also being tracked by a URL channel, impression and click data will appear duplicated.
  • Ads are tracked by multiple Custom Channels
    Publisher can assign more than one Custom Channel to an ad unit. In such a case, clicks and impressions are recorded in each Custom Channel defined.
To view overall performance of the publisher account, they must view their standard Revenue Summary report and select the Aggregate Data option. This report will include all activity and earnings without duplicated data.

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