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What are Publisher Channels?
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What are Publisher Channels?
Publisher channels allow your publishers to create detailed reporting about performance of specific pages and ad units. This feature allows your publisher to track performance by creative to see which performs best, by domain, or even by specific area's within your site.

The inClick Ad Server provides for two types of Publisher Channels, URL based channels and Custom Channels.

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URL Channels
This method allows your publisher to track performance based on full or partial URL strings. For example: - track all pages across all subdomains - track only pages across the 'finance' subdomain - track all pages below a specific directory - track a specific page

Custom Channels
This method allows your publisher to create a specific identifier to the ad code based on their own needs. By adding this specific channel ID to the ad code, your publisher can track metrics across a range of URLs. Custom Channels can be used to track performance of different ad formats, page topics, and more.

Why Use Publisher Channels
By using the Publisher Channel feature, your publishers can begin to determine what ads are earning the most revenue and provide additional insight as to what may generate more. This tool can greatly assist in determining what changes can make the most impact.

Channels offer greater detail over performance than the overall revenue reports. Breaking down reporting to individual pages, sites, or any other identifier your publisher utilizes will help them increase performance, which leads to more revenue for you.

Publisher channels cannot be used for advertiser targeting.

This feature became available as of version 3.1.017

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