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I only see an empty box where advertisements should be, what is wrong?
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To determine what may be occurring, go through the following checklist:
  1. Check your Process Manager
    In a majority of cases, the Process Manager is not running.  To confirm this is the issue, log into your ad server as the admin and go to:
    Reports > Server Status -> Background Process Status
    The Process Impressions process should indicate a last start and last finish within the last ten minutes.  If not, your Process Manager is not running.
  2. Check the House Advertiser (1001) Ads
    The House Advertiser account is a special use account intended to fill-in gaps in your advertising network and test payment processing.  Ads created in this account are delivered at $0.00 CPC regardless of the value you provide.  If you have created ads that are keyword based AND you have no other advertisers in your system, you will not see advertisements appear through the inContext engine. 
    Note:  inContext uses the keywords and their associated value's as provided by funded advertiser accounts to determine what ads appear on a page.  Therefore, house ads with keywords will not appear on content matches unless a paid advertiser has bid on the same keyword(s).
    The correct usage for the House Advertiser Account is to create ads that have no keywords to fill-in gaps as your advertiser base grows.
  3. Allow inContext to re-index and optimize
    It is important to note that inContext will attempt to index a page where ad code has been added a few minutes after it has been viewed for the first time.  inContext will revisit the page every two-three days to detect content changes and re-optimize the keywords used for the page.  If a page was indexed now, and no matches were made, the system will attempt to deliver ads that do not have keywords associated with them - Run of Selected Channel ads - until the page is re-indexed and optimized.

If, after you have checked the above steps, you are still not sure why you are not seeing ads, open a Support Ticket.

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