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Best Practice : Ad Delivery for a Search Engine / Proper Ad Integration
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Ad Delivery for a Search Engine, a best practices tip list

These are some tips we suggest to obtain the best performance when integrating advertisements served by your inClick Ad Server.

  1. Keep ads related and relevant
    When a visitor is using a search engine, they are typically looking for something specific.  By delivering the right ads at the right time, you not only improve the chance of a click-through, but improve the quality of your advertising network. 
  2. Provide the search term to the ad code directly
    To deliver the correct advertisements, you should provide the search term directly to the ad server using the keyword variable.  While it would seem tempting to let inContext figure out what to deliver, inContext is not the ideal solution for ads delivered in a search engine.
  3. Display ads using the limited toggle
    Limit results to the provided keyword / phrase.  Do not allow filler ads to appear on search results.
  4. Display advertisements aesthetically
    Integrate ads into the results page using a means that makes the ads fit the look and feel of the page.  Typically, ads are delivered just above the first native result, alongside results in what is referred to as the rail, and often at the bottom after the last native result.  We suggest making the advertisements look a bit different than the native results as to indicate the result is an advertisement.

By following the tips above, your advertisers will reap the immediate reward of improved response.  You gain a happy customer.

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