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My cron job does't work. Is there another way to do this?
Article ID: #000122

The setting of the single cron job is a requirement for the inClick Ad Server to function. Without setting the cron job, your system will not function correctly!

The cron job will run the Process Manager every minute. This Process Manager will update the system statistics, take ads in and out of service, and maintain system health. If this is not set, your system will not function.

Since PHP installations can vary from web server to web server, you may need to try different variations of your cron entry if the first one does not work:

Due to the number of variances in the way PHP was installed, there are a number of possible cron jobs that can work:

Standard Cron Job
php -d safe_mode=off -f [inclick_ad_server_path]/core/background/process_manager.php

Expanded Cron Job 1
cd [inclick_ad_server_path]/core/background/; php -d safe_mode=off -f process_manager.php

Expanded Cron Job 2 - Suppress Errors
cd [inclick_ad_server_path]/core/background/; php -d error_reporting=E_ERROR -d safe_mode=off -f process_manager.php

Expanded Cron Job 3 - Suppress Errors and Explicitly Sets php.ini
cd [inclick_ad_server_path]/core/background/; php -c [path_to_Zend_ini_directory]/php.ini -d error_reporting=E_ERROR -d safe_mode=off -f process_manager.php

In some instances, the exact path of PHP may be needed. For example:
[path_to_php]/php -d safe_mode=off -f [inclick_ad_server_path]/core/background/process_manager.php
TIP: To locate where PHP is on your server, try the following commands:
-for PHP4
whereis php
-for PHP5
whereis php5

In all instances, replace bracketed fields with the required setting.

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