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What can I do with the API?
Article ID: #000120

API: Appication Program Interface
A language that allows communications and controls between programs.

The inClick Ad Server API provide a communication method for your existing application to "talk" to your inClick Ad Server installation. Through the use of the API, you can create new accounts through your existing application, connect to the accounting system of the ad server, pull report data into another application, and more.

Sample use case: Company X has an existing search engine program where people submit their web sites for inclusion. In order to do so, customers first register by creating an account on the search engine program. When creating an account, a publisher account is created on the ad server through the API in the background. In doing this, the end user can now be presented options to earn extra revenue while inside the search engine program. Account balance, performance reports, and ad code creation is presented in the search engine program through the use of the API's - a true customized solution.

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