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I have the ad server installed, now what do I do?
Article ID: #000001

You have three separate accounts, the System Administrator, a House Advertiser Account, and a House Publisher Account as described below:

Login ID: admin
Administrator - This is the administrator access account. Once logged in to this account, you will be able to view network statistics, approve / decline new ads, and reconfigure settings.

***Log into this account first and configure your settings!

Login ID: advertiser
House Advertiser - The house advertiser account will allow you to create house (or filler) ads within your server. This is where you would place ads promoting your site. Ads created here will be forced to $0.00 for the CPC amount.

***Log into this account after you have configured your ad server and create a few filler ads.

Login ID: publisher
House Publisher - This account is used to get the codes to place within your site. From here, you will be able to review your web site statistics.

***Log into this account after you have configured your ad server and created a few filler ads. This is where you will obtain the codes for your web site.

SUMMARY: The first thing you will do is login to your Admistrator login and complete the server configuration process. Once your ad server is configured, you should log into your House Advertiser account and create a few filler ads.

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